IC S*Nenya's Xaphania

Colour NFO n 03 22, Black classic tabby bicolour
Born 2008-10-31
Sire EP DK*Mi-Chi's Hells Bells DSM
Dame IC S*Nenya's Harley Quinn DM
Breeder Lena Björkander
Health HCM neg, GSD IV neg

More Information

Xaphania is a dream female for me. I had high hopes for the mating between my Harley and beautiful Hells Bells, and Xaphania fulfills all what I hoped to get out of that mating.
She has a fantastic triangle, her father's beautiful ears, her mother's wonderful expression and chin and a lovely colour distribution from the both of them (perfect bicolour form her mother and lovely pattern from her father).
As all cats of course she is not perfect, she is medium sized and her profile is just almost straight, so could be improved. 
But overall I am very happy with her development, and apart from her looks she has the sweetest temper. 

As a breeding female she is very vain; when she has kittens she takes her time to make sure she is completely dry and clean, her kitten is dry, clean and feeding, the blankets and everything around her is cleaned and changed before she moves on to having another kitten. All my other females I have had have had very quick and easy deliveries, but for Xaphania, although the deliveries are easy they take a long time; up to four hours between kittens.

She is a lovely cat to show, she presents herself well and have been doing very well at the shows she's been at. Her only negative is that she gets into full coat when she is pregnant, and of course I cannot show her then. And I don't want to show her without coat.

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